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  • Mystery Makers® philosophy

Mysteries are important. They make us wonder and make us ask questions. In our search for answers, we develop a better understanding of the world around us. But today, the blank spots have disappeared from the map and myths and mysteries are a thing of the past for many. We miss the unknown and the mysterious that entices us to explore the world and look at it in new ways - and not least, we miss the mysteries that make us doubt things we think we know. That's why we are a group of free spirits who do our best to fill the world with riddles and mysteries.

We develop entertainment that arouses curiosity and challenges intelligence. We call it 'enterbrainment'. Our hunts, puzzle rooms and treasure hunts put the participants at the centre of the mystery. All our treasure hunts take place in historical locations with a unique atmosphere. You become the hero of the mystery and the experience becomes even more fascinating and engaging. Through the game you will gain knowledge about yourself, your friends, your colleagues and the world. The time of mysteries is not over yet!


In mythology, the Sphinx is a creature with the head of a woman, the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. It guarded the ancient city of Thebes and posed a riddle to travellers passing by. Anyone who could not solve the riddle was eaten by the sphinx.

Throughout the ages, statues of the sphinx have guarded the entrances to pyramids and temples as a symbol of power, strength and wisdom.

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