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Embark on an entertaining Mystery Hunt in the Albertina and experience the museum like never before.

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Mystery Hunt


You have been invited to an extravagant ball in the state rooms of the Albertina Palace - this is where Vienna's crème de la crème cavort. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! If you can marry a lady from the House of Habsburg, you'll be set for life. But first you have to prove that you are worthy of the royal court. The guests here are haughty, eccentric and extraordinarily powerful - they could kiss your cheeks or plunge a dagger into your back.

Wars are planned and weddings organised in these rooms. Will you impress everyone and triumph in the ballroom? Or will you stumble and fall - and be excluded from high society?

The Mystery Hunt is a completely analogue product consisting of delightful, classic envelopes full of tasks that test your intellect while encouraging cooperation and social skills.



At the Albertina you will receive a Mystery Box. It contains everything you need for the Mystery Hunt. A letter tells you where to open the box and off you go!

The box is filled with mysterious envelopes and puzzles that will guide you and your group through the museum.
To solve the puzzles, you must explore the museum thoroughly with your group. Use the unique environment together with the envelopes and the secret of our Mystery Hunt!

Frequently asked questions - The Mystery Hunt - The ball in the Albertina

How much does it cost?

The Mystery Hunt costs €36 per person incl. Museum admission.
The price also applies to annual pass holders and children aged 12 and over.

How many participants can take part?

There can be up to 100 participants in total and they can be divided into smaller groups of 4-8 participants.

Who can take part?

Company and team building
The Mystery Hunt is suitable for companies looking for an amusing and different experience. Both the individual employee and the team's ability to work together are integrated into the game, making it perfect for team building!

Friends & Family
Mystery Hunt is a great choice for friends or families looking for an entertaining and varied experience.
The Mystery Hunt cannot be booked as a stag/hen party.

We recommend that children are at least 14 years old and are accompanied by their parents when taking part in our Mystery Hunt games.


The experience itself lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the booked start time so that you have time to buy tickets and use the toilet and cloakroom.

Are you more than 16 participants?
16 people can start the experience every 10 minutes. Contact us to find out more about the duration for larger groups.

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