Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Mystery Hunt?

Mystery Hunt games are intelligent and challenging treasure hunts at unique historical locations. The treasure hunts are packed in beautiful old envelopes containing clues that will guide you through the mystery. The only thing you need to do is to open your eyes and let signs and symbols transform your normal day into a mystery.

How does the game work?

You will receive the game when you show up at Kunsthistoriches Museum Wien on your booked time. The game runs itself and begins with a short introduction when you open the package.

Who should I try Mystery Hunt with?

Mystery Hunt games are unique experiences that are very well suited for teambuilding, club trips – or if you just need a great experience with family or friends.

Are there any particular requirements for players?

No, Mystery Hunt is for everyone who wants an exciting challenge. The ideas and solutions that are presented when you need to work together and think creatively will surprise you.

Mystery Hunt is not a competition. You will need to pay attention to detail and take your time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Is the Mystery Hunt suitable for children/families with children?

We recommend that children are at least 12 years old and accompanied by adults if they participate in our Mystery Hunt games.

Is the Mystery Hunt also a corporate event, and what about teambuilding?

Yes, The Mystery Hunt at Kunsthistorisches Museum is very suitable for companies that want an entertaining and different experience! Both the individual employee and your ability to work together will come into play.

How many people can participate in Mystery Hunt?

A group can consist of 4 to 8 people. If you are more than 8 people, you will be split up into more groups. There is no limit on the amount of groups, as they will start with 10 minutes’ interval.

What does the Mystery Hunt cost?

€28 per person for the game and €10 for entrance to Kunsthistorisches Museum.

You must be a minimum of 4 people in order to play The Mystery Hunt at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

Please note that The Mystery Hunt at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is a live event and that bookings are binding.

Are you in doubt about how many you will be?

If you are in doubt about how many people you will be, please contact us.

Can we change the amount of participants?

Please contact us – in most cases, adjusting the amount of people up or down is not a problem.

Please note, that if fewer people will participate, we need to know no less than 3 weeks from the event in order to refund their payment.

Can you buy a gift card for Mystery Hunt?

Yes, you can by a gift card for our experiences here.

Which languages can we play in?

Our Mystery Hunt games can be played in German or English. You will choose your language when booking your time slot.

Where does the game take place?

We have Mystery Hunt games in Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

Is Mystery Hunt accessible for wheelchair users?

Our Mystery Hunt games are accessible to wheelchair users. Wheelchair users should be accompanied by non-wheelchair users, however. Read about wheelchair acces to Kunsthistorisches Museum here.