Mystery Hunt™ – treasure hunts for adults

4-200 participants

90 mins.

Copenhagen K

From 200 DKK p.p.

Have you dreamed about becoming the protagonist in The Da Vinci Code? Our award-winning Mystery Hunt games are intelligent and challenging treasure hunts at unique historical sites.

The treasure hunts are packed in beautiful envelopes containing clues that will guide you through the mystery. The only thing you need to do is to open your eyes and let signs and symbols transform your normal day into a mystery.

Prices Sunday to Wednesday

  • Before 15:00 – 200 DKK p.p. incl. VAT
  • After 15:00 – 300 DKK p.p. incl. VAT

Prices Thursday to Saturday

  • Before 15:00 – 300 DKK p.p. incl. VAT
  • After 15:00 – 400 DKK p.p. incl. VAT
Mystery Hunt Kronborgs Hemmelighed

The Secret of Kronborg™ – Kronborg Castle

Embark on an entertaining and challenging scavenger hunt in the world famous Kronborg Castle, and experience the castle as you never have before.

Den Skjulte Krig Mystery Hunt Skattejagt København

The Secret War™ – The Citadel

Enter through the gates of Copenhagen’s old citadel and learn about the war secret. Together with your team, you are on a challenging mission to hunt information and intelligence. Your ability to analyse, observe, cooperate and make tough decisions will be put to the test.


The Secret of Power™ – Christiansborg Castle

Learn the game of power in the royal dining rooms of Christiansborg Castle. By following hidden leads throughout the castle’s halls, breaking codes and challenging each other in the game of power, you and your team will get very close to the power struggle in the kingdom of Denmark.


The King’s Secret – The King’s Garden

Hunt for the royalty’s secrets in The King’s Garden. By following hidden leads, breaking codes and solving social puzzles, you and your team will discover the most fantastic tales from the garden’s history.